ICCP heating System of Oil transportation

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ICCP heating System of Oil transportation is a new type of oil and gas transportation pipeline, which is mainly consist of ICCP oil heating pipe, fittings and heating controlling system. The system has electric control function, signal acquisition and transmission function and remote control function, and has oil transportation and heating function, which can reduce viscosity and blockage, reduce pipeline back pressure, remotely monitor the system and adjust temperature, help the well site to realize unattended management and reduce operating costs.

System characteristics:

  • High-precision sensors monitor the oil temperature in real time, and PID algorithm is used for precise control, with an accuracy of 1℃.
  • Remote control of start and stop, timed start and stop, data transmission, convenient operation.
  • Real-time acquisition of temperature, energy consumption data and abnormal alarm records, standard MODBUS communication protocol transmission.
  • Customized heating length, the maximum length of a single pipe can reach 1000 meters.
  • Solve the problems of scaling, wax deposition, corrosion, energy consumption and potential safety hazards of gathering and transportation pipelines.
  • The service life can reach 10 years, full life cycle cost is super low.

ICCP heating System of Oil transportation
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