ICCP Water Pumping System

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ICCP The Water Pumping System used in Water Production area,  ICCP is the key unit, and is equipped with submersible pump, surface control cabinet, downhole sensor, hardware connector, downhole tools and other equipment, which can realize intelligent mining of water source well and solve many problems , such as cable bumping, complicated workover, pumping and motor burning, and can reduce high cost of maintenance and management.

System characteristics:

  • Non-metallic composite pipeline is corrosion-resistant and no scale.
  • Rodless water pumping, no mechanical movement equipment  on surface, energy saving and high efficiency.
  • Remote real-time control and data transmission, convenient operation.
  • The power cable is embedded, which effectively avoids the problems such as collision and cable sticking of submersible cables.
  • Equipped with downhole multi-parameter sensors, it can monitor the production status in real time.
  • The continuous length of single pipe can reach 3000 meters, which is suitable for the operation of inclined wells and horizontal wells with high operation efficiency.
  • Standard MODBUS protocol, establish data communication with users, and help the construction of smart oil fields.

ICCP Water Pumping System
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