ICCP Water Injection System

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ICCP Water Injection System consist of ICCP pipe, fittings, anchoring device and downhole intelligent water distributor. It is a technological measure to adjust the reservoir contradiction in oil field and improve the sweep efficiency of water injection. The purpose is to further exploit the potential of thin and thick oil layers. Moreover, ICCP water injection system can also solve the  problems of metal tubing in the existing water injection process, such as corrosion and scaling of metal tubing, signal drift or loss of bundled cables, complicated workover process, and expensive operation and testing costs.

System characteristics:

  • Non-metallic composite and polymer materail pipeline which has corrosion-resistant and antiscale function.
  • It can be applied to the water injection technology of highly deviated wells and horizontal wells.
  • Remote real-time control of injection allocation and data transmission, convenient operation.
  • Equipped with downhole multi-parameter sensors, it can monitor downhole conditions.
  • Long string runlife can prolong the service life of downhole intelligent water distributor.
  • Built-in cable can avoid signal drift and unstable transmission caused by cable collision and card falling off.
  •  Low operation risk and convenient construction.

ICCP Water Injection System
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