ICCP Atificical lift System

Product Detail

ICCP Atificical lift System  is ICCP downhole tubing with fittings/connectors, anchor, electric submersible pump (ESP, ESPCP, Liner motor pumps, diaphram pump), downhole sensor, VSD and remote control system, which is mainly used for the smart control of oil production and help the oilfield company to realize "intelligent and smart" production management.

System characteristics:

  • Non-metallic composite and polymer materail pipeline which has corrosion-resistant and antiscale function.
  • Suitable for all kinds of submersible pumps, no mechanical movement equipment on surface, significant energy saving effect, high efficiency, safety and stability application.
  • Embedded the power cable, avoids cable damage during equipment downhole, suach as collision and stacked .
  • Equipped with downhole multi-parameter sensors, can monitor the production status in real-time.
  • Suitable for heavy oil exploitation, due to the dynamic heating and intelligent Paraffin removal function.
  • The continuous length of single pipe can reach 3000 meters, which is suitable for the operation of inclined wells and horizontal wells.
  • Real-time monitor and control equipment,smart control.
  • Standard MODBUS protocol, can easily establish data communication with users, and great contribution  to the construction of smart oil fields.

ICCP Atificical lift System
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