Electric Submersible Diaphragm Pump

Product Detail

Electric Submersible diaphragm pump is a rodless pump with low energy consumption and high efficiency, special suite for low oil or water capacity production well(capacity< 20m3/d). The system is mainly composed of submersible motor, deceleration reversing device, plunger, diaphragm, inlet and outlet valves.

System Advantage:

  • The minimum capacity can reach 0.1m3/d and the maximum lift is 2000m.
  • The rated power is only 4kW, and the energy saving effect is obvious.
  • The length of downhole unit is only 3.3m, with good passing capacity, which is especially suitable for horizontal and inclined wells.
  • Driven by submersible motor, the main moving parts are sealed in pure lubricating oil, with little wear and reliable operation.
  • The input voltage is 380V, so there is no need for additional step-up and step-down equipment, and the investment is small.
  • The wellhead seal is changed from dynamic seal to static seal, realizing zero leakage at the wellhead.
  • The ground device is simple, the floor space is small, and there are no moving parts on the ground, which eliminates its potential safety hazards.
  • Intelligent control, remote monitoring, convenient management and low maintenance and repair costs.

Electric Submersible Diaphragm Pump
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